4 Ways to Organize Your Workspace

Whether you go to work every day, or work from home, you are likely plagued with the same problem: your workspace becomes cluttered, quickly creeping out of control.

The problem is clutter gathers on any flat surface very easily. Before you do anything else, take the time to put away the things you do not need right now. It may also be great to ask yourself what items in your office belong in your office. If you work from home, household items have likely migrated into your space. Now is time to put them back where they belong.

It is hard to be productive when working in adverse conditions. How do you keep yourself under control so you can get the most done? The key lies in organizing your workspace in a way which works for you. Try these quick tips to make your workspace better than ever.

  1. Put Stuff in Reach

What do you use most often? What do you rarely use? Put the items you rarely use out of reach. These are good things to tuck away in cabinets or on shelves. On the other hand, you keep close anything you use often. For example, if you are constantly printing things out make sure your printer is nearby along with extra supplies for paper and ink. Keeping items you need constantly within arm’s reach is your best bet.

  1. File Things So You Can Find Them

There are so many ways to file paper. If you know you’re going to have documents which need to be put away, you need to file them in a way which enables you to find them later. Use a system which works for you and don’t worry about what other people in the office are doing.

  1. Clear Some Space

Studies have shown people get the most work done when their desk has absolutely nothing at all except what they’re working on. By clearing their desk, you take away distractions which might keep you from accomplishing what you need to. Tuck away everything else in drawers or other hiding places until you need them.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Computer

Difficulty in finding things is the biggest time waster of any workspace. So, while organizing the office, don’t forget to organize your computer. Create a filing system there as well. Delete things you don’t need and keep everything else exactly where you can find it later. Again, use a system which works for you.

An organized workspace will help keep you on task and make you more productive. For this reason alone, it is worth the time and effort to organize things in the way which works best for you.

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