Most people are focused on achieving goals and making the most of their potential. Most feel like something is missing.  There must be more.  And maybe overlooking something that turns out to be fundamental not just to their success, but to their happiness.  Is this someone you know?

Living with purpose may be more important than you once thought. Experts agree that finding meaning, finding, and living your life’s purpose has wide-ranging benefits, some of them a little unexpected.

  1. Purpose Can Help You Focus

When you have a clear concept of your life’s purpose, it’s easier to focus your energy and your actions on what you want to achieve. It’s the north star that guides you.  All you have to do is look up and you know where you want to go and how to get there. Purpose acts as a guide and a map on how to reach your goals.

  1. Purpose Makes Gratitude Easy

Living with purpose can help you to feel more contented with your life as it already is. People who are aligned with their life’s purpose report greater satisfaction with their present circumstances because they know they are focused on what they want out of life.

  1. Purpose Sharpens Your Passions

Knowing your purpose also helps you focus on what fires you up. It helps you to find your passions and go after them.

  1. Purpose Helps You Live in Alignment With Your Values

Doing the work of your purpose and working out what matters to you in life helps you to align everything you do with your deepest held beliefs and values. Deciding to live a meaningful life means you are not so tempted by the things that will lead you off the path of purpose.

  1. Purpose Makes You A Better Leader

Having a boss who has a clear vision of where they want to go and how to get there is very inspiring for employees and clients alike. Clarity of purpose inspires trust and respect, and it’s a great motivator.

  1. Purpose Helps You Live Longer

Perhaps the most unexpected benefit of finding and living your life’s purpose is that it can add years to your life span. Researchers in Japan found that men who had a purpose in their life lived longer than men who didn’t. Knowing your purpose can help you deal better with stress and the ups and downs of life.

People who are living a purposeful life, aligned with their deepest values, worry less and deal better with stress and anxiety. They have better cardiovascular health and suffer less from depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Not sure what your purpose is?  A breakthrough session is the first step towards it and aligning  your guiding values to it.  Find out more about what a breakthrough session can do for you by setting up your a free session today:

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