How to stay focused

Energize: Rev Up Your Energy to Have a Great Day

Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member who seems to have unbounded energy? There’s no need to envy them, wishing you could ignite your own energy reserves. With a few minor shifts, you too can increase your energy and have a great day!

Strategies to rev up your energy:

  1. Work out in the morning. For many, working out first thing in the morning lights a fire that lasts most of the day.
  2. Take part in the most important meal of the day: breakfast.  Avoid skipping breakfast at all costs. Breakfast is your opportunity to fuel up your engine. Starting your day off with plenty of nutrients gives you a lasting energy boost that coffee and other caffeinated drinks lack.
  3. Write out your goals for the day. Whether you’ll be staying at home or going to work, clarifying your day’s goals will ignite your energy. Once you’ve written them, jump into action and get started.
  4. Take a shower in the morning after you work out. Showers tend to re-vitalize and refresh.
  5. Look your best every day. Particularly if you’re going to work, your appearance contributes to your self-confidence and can provide a nice boost to your energy. When you look your best, you feel your best.
  6. Use positive self-talk to strengthen your energy reserves. What you say to yourself matters greatly and can affect your energy inventory. Avoid dragging yourself down with negative self-talk – it wears you out. On the other hand, when you make a habit of complimenting and encouraging yourself throughout the day, it energizes you.
  7. Get enough sleep. Getting an adequate amount of rest contributes to high-energy reserves. If you get plenty of rest, you’ll be full of energy to expend during the day.
  8. Consider Aromatherapy. For example, the smell of peppermint can bring about feelings of energy and revitalization.
    • Shower with peppermint soap.
    • Use peppermint lotion to massage your feet and legs.
    • Burn peppermint scented candles to take advantage of their aromatic effects.
  9. Listen to motivational music and podcasts that promote feelings of energy. On your way to work, listen to positive messages from experts who inspire self-confidence and energy.

Striving to increase your energy will make a big difference in how you approach work tasks, meetings and relationships with others. Increasing your energy ensures you’ll accomplish all that you want in your busy day. Plus, you’ll have the energy to really enjoy your life instead of resignedly watching it pass you by.

Grab for all the gusto you’ve got! Use these tips to develop skills and techniques to energize every morning. Now, go out there and have a great day!

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