What Life Coaching Is All About

Life Coaching is deeply empowering and activating for clients. Clients finds their sense of purpose, dreams and discover their own vision for life as their coach guides them. Then they take consistent actions to make the life they want.

Actions are simple but powerful because they increase the client’s ability to have more of what they want in their lives.

Any person who seeks more in life can achieve more by using a high performance coach because a high performance coach navigates their growth faster.

Therapy Verses Coaching

(Based on Pat Williams work)

Therapist focuses more on WHY.

Coach focusses more on HOW.

Coaching clients are empowered to take action by resourcing what needs to happen towards a goal, instead of why we feel or experience a thought, emotion or event.

Therapist positions themselves as an expert in relation to a patient.

Coach positions as the co-creator and partner where the client and coach are equals and the client is leader.

Orientation of therapy is the inner world of client.

Orientation in coaching is more focused on outcome and action.  Through coaching inner goals are created while taking action in outer world.


  • Therapist responsible for process, direction and outcomes in therapy.
  • In coaching the client responsible for results. Coach doesn’t make the decisions instead to be the guide.


  • Therapist has a more formal relationship with client.
  • Coach has a more casual relationship with their clients. Coach will speak from their own life experience with clients in a natural way.

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